January 9, 2015

Making the little moments special

This week isn't just the start of the new year for our family, but a whole new direction for us. My husband left the active duty Air Force at the end of the last year. While he will still be flying with a National Guard unit part time he will be spending most of his time now as an airline pilot.

This means new airplanes, trips to training and a whole new batch of acronyms for all of us to learn.

We spent the last year focused on getting to the end goals of new house and new jobs, forgetting to look back at how much we accomplished in the meantime.

Rather than make resolutions, I just hope to be kinder to myself in the New Year, and a big part of that this year needs to be celebrating the little milestones and moments, even the teeny tiney ones. I'm a list maker. The thrill of crossing something off is always there for me, and is a good chunk of my motivation some days. Stopping for just a few moments beyond the time it takes to cross something off the to-do list acknowledges the effort it took to get there, and I don't do that nearly enough. It's cross something off and move on to the next thing in almost the same breath.

So in that vein, this week the boys and I have been celebrating. We picked up cupcakes to celebrate the first day of school in 2015 on Monday. Today we had hot chocolate with breakfast because it's an unexpected snow day.

Neither the hot chocolate nor the cupcakes are that unusual to be honest. We often have them as a treat after school or when we randomly need a pick-me-up.

Stopping for just a moment and assigning them a reason though, no matter how tiny, gives us all a moment to breathe and smile. Who can argue with an excuse to smile more often?

How do you celebrate the little moments? 

1 comment:

  1. I need to be better about celebrating the little moments! That's a great idea. I think we can all use to give ourselves some gold stars -- we are good mamas!


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