July 4, 2014

You packed how many boxes of books?!

Today I'm linking up with Jessica over at Quirky Bookworm for her #bookwormproblems linkup.

Our big move back to the east coast is somehow almost here, though I can't figure out where the time has gone. The boys and I have less than 3 weeks left in Oklahoma before we drive to Massachusetts to visit my family and finally end up in our new place in Connecticut in time for school to start in August. My husband will follow with our dogs and most of our stuff around Labor Day.

The problem?

I have to pack everything the boys and I will need to make it until school starts in one car, just in case the movers get delayed. (Military moves NEVER go as planned!)

I was doing pretty well with my lists of necessary items until I realized that meant 6 weeks without our books or regular access to a library. Uh-oh.

Last time we moved they packed 30 book boxes…our packers always love us, let me tell you ;) 

I've decided to look at the bright side and use this as a time to work my way through all the books languishing unread on my Kindle and bookshelves. Although there are a few old favorites that I can't bear to be without, and there is no time like a cross country move for comfort reading.

The picture at the top of this post is what I have put aside so far…not so bad until you multiply that times 3 to count all the books that the kids will want to bring. Let's not forget about the stash of books on my Kindle that I haven't read either.

Somehow I don't think we'll be able to narrow things down to just one box of books for all of us.

How many books can I justify moving with me and not on the moving truck? #bookwormproblems


  1. I love the idea of #bookwormproblems! That said, this is an actual problem and I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do either. Good luck with your decision!

  2. Oh my. I'd have the same problem. And I'm afraid I'd likely "fix" the problem by buying/acquiring more books on the other end. Good luck!

  3. I wouldn't be able to handle that either, especially without library access! Last time I moved more than a few miles, I packed a grocery bag of books for me, but I was able to borrow my grandma's library card till I could get one. :) Good luck!

    (And thanks for linking up.)

  4. Talk about analysis paralysis! I am forever trying to fit more books in my carry on bag for trips. Thank goodness for the kindle!

  5. I suspect I'm just going to bring them all…or maybe mail half to my parents house to save room in the car :)

  6. Oh I know! That is a real danger for me if I don't bring enough from the stash I already have!

  7. I think I might be able to work it so I have some library access now, which will ease the problem…though my mom will end up with a much longer holds list than normal!

  8. I do that too! I always pack a few in case something mysteriously happens to my kindle. I did much better with this on my last trip, but I still couldn't stop myself from packing a few in my suitcase as backup!


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