July 22, 2014

On The Road Again

As you read this we are beginning our epic road trip to the east coast. We're going to be visiting family and living out of suitcases for another 6 weeks or so until our household goods finally arrive in our new house in Connecticut.

Taking that into account, things will look a wee bit different around Hearth and Homefront until September. There will be guest posts from some fabulous bloggers for the next week or so, and then my posts will be leaning towards the bookish rather than the foodie until I have a kitchen again.

This move is overwhelming and so exciting, but really bittersweet. The friends we have made in this assignment are like no others…I don't really know what I'm going to do when it finally hits me that they aren't 5 minutes away anymore.

If you want,  you can follow along on our crazy road trip via Twitter or Instagram!


  1. Wishing you the best of luck as your start your big move!

  2. we just did the same thing in may! a long journey but worth it. safe travels!

  3. Thanks! Hope your unpacking is going well Sarah!

  4. Thanks Julia! I've been keeping an eye on your move too-so glad you are getting settled now!


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