June 6, 2014

Colbert vs. Amazon

Earlier this week I mentioned the ongoing negotiations between Amazon and Hachette Publishing that has led to Amazon removing pre-sales or delaying shipping for a number of Hachette books, namely The Silkworm, one of the new releases I am (impatiently) waiting for.

On Thursday night Hachette got a nice boost from Stephen Colbert when he quite literally gave Amazon the finger for delaying shipment of his own books. 

He denounced the tactics and then interviewed another Hachette author, Sherman Alexie, about the situation. Per usual, I learned more from Colbert's humor than I have in many "news" articles about the subject. I swear, I am better educated on current events when I can regularly watch Stewart and Colbert and listen to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR than I am when I watch the evening news!

My favorite part? When Colbert encouraged viewers to shop Indie bookstores, notably Powell's Books in Oregon. He even created stickers that say "I Didn't Buy This from Amazon" for viewers to print out from his website. (You can find them about halfway down the main page!)

Now I've been a loyal Amazon customer for years, and I still don't know what I would do without it where we live right now. We are so limited in resources here and just don't have access to books or even certain grocery or cleaning products anywhere nearby. I'm really hoping that Amazon backs down a bit in the face of this public backlash, and judging from this Huffington Post article, it looks like they may already be doing that.

You can see Colbert get "Mad Prime" below!  Happy Friday!

PS-It's National Donut Day! Sadly there's no Dunkin's near us, so go celebrate for me, will you??


  1. Funny story: my son actually got me into watching Colbert. For whatever reason SpongeBob airs on Comedy Central on Croatian cable network and one day my son just walked away after Sponge Bob and left the TV on. Colbert came on and I just started watching. It's a cool thing he plugged the local store.

  2. I love Colbert and John Stewart- both terribly good news reporters! And truthfully, I have been totally disgusted by what is going on with Amazon but like you, I use them all the time and don't quite know if I am ready to give them up.... I guess it's because of people like me that we are in this situation in the first place!


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