May 2, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Emily Dickinson: The Gorgeous Nothings $27.76
Gorgeous indeed, my father in law sent me this coffee table book for my birthday last month. (I know, right? He's awesome.) On one side of each page is an image of the original document each poem was written on and the other has the transcription. Emily Dickinson is a particular favorite not just for her poetry, but because my husband lived right across the street from her house when we were in college. It always reminds us of very happy memories. 

Made of reclaimed sail cloth this would be the perfect summer bag. Lightweight and strong it could stand up to a big farmer's market haul or just general running around with all the gear my little guys still require.

3. Rose Julia Child $37.50
How could I not love this rose? A gorgeous yellow color and named after one of my favorite people? Kismet I tell you. This is from White Flower Farms, an amazing nursery in Litchfield, CT. I've ordered from them for years and I can't wait to be living within an easy drive of the actual location in a few months. 

I picked up a tin of this a few months ago and I adore it! It's light and refreshing with a touch of bergamot. It feels like an updated Earl Grey. 

An easy way to transfer pizza from your prep surface to your baking stone or pan. A peel has been on my own personal wish list for a while, and I love that this one from King Arthur Flour is easy to store. 

6. Tardis Teapot $39.95
Ok maybe this is just for me :) I love a silly teapot or mug and anything Doctor Who so how could I resist including this? Regardless, I guarantee the mom in your life could use a giggle so don't worry about being too serious in your gift buying this year! 

What is your favorite gift to give or receive on Mother's Day?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I couldn't justify a tote bag that costs over $100 (it is lovely though) but that pizza peel? Yes! I love mine. It doesn't take up much room (just slide it in with the cutting boards or cookie sheets) and it performs its job so well!

  2. I'm not holding out much hope for that tote bag myself ;) Glad to hear the pizza peel is as good as I was hoping though! I'll be getting my hands on that one shortly!

  3. Love the sound of the Emily Dickinson book! Now that would be a fun present!


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