October 16, 2013

Classic Gin and Tonic

Every once in a while one of those questionnaires or lists of "favorites" or "things everyone should have" circulates the internet. Not the kind where they tell you the 50 classic items you must have in your closet, but the things you should know about yourself. Honestly, most of the time I don't have answers to the questions and then start to wonder if I'm like Julia Robert's character in Runaway Bride-the woman who knew so little about herself that she didn't even know what kind of eggs she liked and just ate whatever her fiancé ordered. Then I remind myself that I'm not 12 and it's just a list of questions to get to know yourself or someone else a little better.

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere posted one yesterday that got me thinking. It's the standard "8 things every woman should have" type of list, and while I still don't have answers to some of the questions (I've never found anyone to match the hair stylist I had when we were stationed in Dover for example and I NEVER sing Karaoke) I can answer most of them. Signature drink? Check. Hobbies? Check. Best friends? Check. (In fact, triple check...I'm blessed to have fabulous ladies all over the country who are my dear friends. Best and worst part of the military life!)

Back to the signature drink. While I'd love to be able to order and drink French 75's everywhere we go, the reality is that most bars in rural Oklahoma don't stock decent champagne. (I know! Shocking, right?) Over the years, I've toyed with various cocktails but never found one I would always be happy with. Cosmopolitans are good, but a little too sweet sometimes. I was never a tropical drink kind of girl. Margarita's are a summer drink only for me. I waffled too much looking at giant drink menu's and reflexed back to a beer.

The husband has been telling me to try a Gin and Tonic for YEARS. Seriously YEARS. And I smiled and nodded and said "Maybe another day". So earlier this year I actually tried it, and loved it. It's got a touch of sweet, a touch of bitter and then undertones of whatever gin you are using...and many of those have started adding lovely botanical notes. It's simple and it's fresh. The key seems to be finding just how you like the lime added to it. I prefer just a hint of lime splashed directly in the drink, some like a wedge floating in it and some prefer just the twist on the edge. You will taste the gin, so I repeat my advice from the French 75s. Use a good one. (No plastic bottles please. Bombay Sapphire,  , Hendricks, etc.-there are lots of good options!)

PS. Honey, you were right. I should have tried this the first time you told me to!

Classic Gin and Tonic
loosely adapted from The Kitchn

2 oz Gin
5 oz tonic water
splash of lime juice (or lime wedge or twist)
Fill a glass with ice. Add gin and tonic and stir. Add in lime or use as garnish.

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