August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites

We're finally getting into a rhythm with school and our new schedules. Just in time for after school activities to start! I'm officially a soccer mom now :) I'm finally getting into a routine myself now that the initial catch up from the summer is over. I even made it to the library by myself yesterday. That's my haul at the top of the page-a wee bit ambitious? Perhaps. But too many books is a good problem to have!

And a special note to my parents on their anniversary this weekend...they've set the example for me of what an amazing partnership marriage can be and I'm so proud and grateful to have you in our lives. Love you both! Happy anniversary :)

What I'm reading: 

The Girl who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

This was a gentle, magical little book that weaves together several stories in the small town of Mullaby, North Carolina. There is a gentle giant, mysterious lights and a baker whose cakes send out messages of love and hope. The description sounded a little hokey, but the story doesn't feel that way when you read it. It's not deep but nothing feels contrived or overly silly, which is a real accomplishment when the author weaves a magical storyline through a book. A good summer read.

Good reads around the web:

A HUGE round up of school lunch ideas from Modern Parents, Messy Kids.

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies from The Pioneer Woman. Yum. Now I just need an excuse to make them so I don't eat the entire batch by myself.

Now that we are a couple weeks into school we are starting to get the hang of things. We could stand to be a little more organized though, especially about lunches and paperwork. This post from I Heart Organizing has some great ideas.

Life in Mod has a great post on how to wear your white converse this fall...because I for one am not putting them away just yet!

I knew I didn't quite fit in with either Gen X or the Millenials. Generation Catalano anyone?

Have a great long weekend everyone!!!

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