July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites

This has been a strange week. We were away until Tuesday, then rolled right into Ben's birthday and just when I finally get everything back to normal it's Friday. To top it off, the kids will start school in just a couple of weeks so we need to enjoy summer while we still can.

Here's to a gorgeous weekend with some good food and good books!

What I've been reading:

  The Seventh Sinner by Elizabeth Peters

I forgot how much I love Elizabeth Peters! The mystery itself flies along and while I didn't figure it out until the very end I could look back and see all the clues she laid out through the story. That makes me a very happy mystery reader-I at least want the chance to figure it out! Jacqueline Kirby is a librarian spending the summer in Rome where she falls in with a crowd of graduate students and scholars. When a man on the edge of their circle is killed they all come under suspicion. Strange accidents begin to happen and Jacqueline must find the murderer before someone else is killed. While this was written in the 70s it didn't feel dated to me-more like an historical mystery set then. And it's the first in a series!

  Burial at Sea by Charles Finch

This is the 5th Charles Lenox mystery.  This book takes him out of his comfort zone in London and sets the mystery on a ship headed from England to Egypt. The Suez Canal is just opening and Lenox, now a Member of Parliament, is sent on a clandestine mission for the government. Lenox is a gentler soul than other Victorians detectives. He is competent and caring, but he doesn't carry a lot of baggage. I love the glimpse into the Victorian Navy in this book as the ships and the purpose are on the edge of a big change. That stressor runs underneath the murder mystery itself, which adds a nice dimension. I missed the familiar London characters, but the change of scene was a good one for the series I think.

Good reads around the web this week:

Stuck between Gen X and Millenialls?

This Lemon and Arugula Pasta looks like a great dish for those busy summer nights!

I miss the Vietnamese food we could get in California...this lemongrass grilled pork from Savour Fare will satisfy that craving.

A Doctor Who line of bakeware? I NEED THIS. Fingers crossed they ship to the states.

What book do you pick up when you need a comfort read? Deanna Raybourn (fab author AND blogger) rounds a few up. Lots of good suggestions in the comments too!

I'm thinking about making this kiwi moscato popsicle recipe from Quarter Life (Crisis) Cook this weekend when the temps inch back up to the 100s. Moscato is a little sweet for me though...I'm thinking champagne. Of course, I always think champagne :)

CTFD Parenting. Awesome.

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  1. I have such a sweet tooth--I even added sugar to them, hah. Champagne would be fantastic, I think!


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