July 15, 2013

Berry Smoothie

I am totally slacking on my grocery shopping this summer. During the school year I just went while the boys were at preschool and I could take my time and my list only needed to have the stuff I don't always buy on it. 

Then summer arrived. 

Grocery shopping with a 5 and almost 4 year old is a lesson in speed not accuracy. Everything last little thing I need has to be on the last or it will not make it into the cart. I like to joke that the other shoppers in the commissary get out of my way when they see us coming...and sadly it's not to far from the truth. I'm totally the mom with the crazy eyes sprinting through the store. 

Last week the distractions began in the produce section and I straight up forgot half of what we needed.  Of course, we ran out of fruit on a day the commissary was closed (thanks, Sequestration!!!) and in desperation to avoid taking the boys to Walmart I turned to the freezer. In the very bottom were bags of fruit from the beginning of the summer...you know when I planned on doing smoothies with the boys everyday and making it to all the summer reading events at the library and staying on top of the laundry. 

I'll pause for you to giggle now. 

So I threw this together in the midst of total Walmart avoidance and stress to produce a snack right.this.minute. It was great. In fact I drank one of these every day last week. It was just the thing I needed to get through two hours of watching swim lessons in 110 degree heat. And the laundry. 

The best thing about this smoothie is how flexible it is. Any combination of berries works, and if you're so inclined you can throw in a handful of spinach. My oldest will flat out refuse a green smoothie but the berries hide the color and taste of the spinach like a champ.  Add in a banana or some greek yogurt instead of the milk. Just play with what you have in the house. Easy!

Berry Smoothie 
(4 servings)

2 1/2 cups frozen mixed berries (I used strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, blueberries are great too)
2-3 cups water
3/4 cup  milk
splash of lime juice

Pulse the frozen berries in the blender until they have broken down a bit and then add in 2 cups water. Blend together until preferred consistency is reached, adding more water if needed. Add in 1/2-3/4 cup milk to add some creaminess and then a splash of lime. Pulse one last time to mix together and serve.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!! I HATE walmart..... I do everything to avoid it. So that's where my husband comes in:-)
    Love the smoothie and love that you put spinach in it, great way to get in more veggies for the day.



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