June 9, 2013

Bye bye Google Reader!

There's less than a month until Google Reader is gone for good....have you figured out how you will be reading your favorite blogs on July 1st?

There seem to be two major contenders to take over Google Reader's crown- Feedly and Bloglovin. I decided to play around with both of them for a little while before making my final decision. They will both easily connect with your Google Reader account so that all your subscriptions come over intact. Bloglovin doesn't import your "starred" items from Google, but Feedly does.

 With Feedly, you view the blogs in their own interface, just like you did in Google Reader. Bloglovin, however, takes you to a second window where you view the blog at the actual web address.

At first, I thought I wouldn't like this because I felt that it would be slower and full of ads, but that isn't the case. I forgot how much more there is to a blog than just the words. I like being able to see the design, and the other resources the bloggers put on the sidebars. Bloglovin makes it easy to share the post by Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest right at the top of the page, or to save it as a "liked" post in Bloglovin itself.

Feedly has a very clean interface, and a very nice (and fast!) mobile app. Like I mentioned it imported all my starred items which was a huge timesaver.

Right now, I'm leaning towards Bloglovin, but I'm going to try them for a little longer before I completely make up my mind. Now that I have all my blogs imported into both, it takes away the dreaded deadline of July 1st.

In the meantime, I'm using this as an opportunity to go through all my starred posts and save them onto the appropriate Pinterest boards. There's so much good stuff that I had forgotten about saved in there! Time to be inspired for some yummy summer cooking I think. Come see what I've found!

I'll be updating my sidebars to reflect all these new ways to follow Hearth and Homefront, so don't worry- whichever new reader you choose you'll be able to find me there!
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