March 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

What I'm reading:

 The Great Reading Challenge is moving right along! I finished Game of Thrones and now I'm working my way through Clash of Kings. So far I like it much more than the first book. I think that's partly because I know the characters now and it focuses on the sub-plots I had found more interesting in the first book. I also think that because I had watched a few episodes from the first season when it came out I knew some of the plot twists already and that took away from my enjoyment. We've been catching up on the first season on HBO GO and a little of season two, but they are jumping around a lot in the show so I'm not watching anymore until I finish the book.

The husband has made it all the way to Order of the Phoenix (book 5). I knew he'd finish them all well before me! He is officially hooked!

What I'm up to:

 I finally finished the last few boxes this weeks so I turned my attention outside to take advantage of some stunning weather. I weeded several beds and got our vegetable garden ready to go. There was a large empty bed in one corner of our yard so I added lots of compost and organic potting soil to it. A good friend who gardens recommended seeds that she had success with last year (and then shared many with me-thanks Laura!) so the boys and I planted the bed. They were so excited to help!

Did you hear that Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1st? I've been using it as my blog reader for years, and I'm on the hunt for a new reader. Which one do you like? I've been trying out Bloglovin and Feedly so far. They are different feels from Google but both are pretty cool. I'm planning to hop around between them for a while to see which I prefer. In the meantime I'm going to install some new buttons in the sidebar to help you follow Hearth and Homefront more easily. 

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Around the web this week: 

Shutterbean is pairing chocolate with spirits instead of wine. What a cool party idea!

We're not doing a traditional Easter dinner this year so I'm going to have to plan to make this Asparagus Tart for some other occasion soon. I think "Tuesday" might be enough!

I'm working really hard with my youngest on his fine motor skills and this post from Rookie Moms about a non-messy fingerprint project looks perfect.

Anyone else ready to update their spring wardrobe? Ain't No Mom Jeans (seriously if you aren't already reading this blog you should be even if you aren't a mother! LOVE. )

This Roasted Buddha Bowl from Oh She Glows looks so yummy. I really need to refocus myself on getting more vegetables into my diet. I've been slacking lately.

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