January 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

What I'm reading: 

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. I still haven't seen the movie, but all the buzz had me craving a re-read of the book. I've always preferred this book to the Lord of Rings trilogy, and I am loving it the second time around too. I wonder, though, if I would feel differently about the Lord of the Rings books now than I did the first time I read them (too many years ago to count). Isn't it funny how your opinion of books change over the years? It makes me realize what an effect the perspective of the reader has on the enjoyment of a book.

What I'm watching: 

Downton Abbey and the Bachelor are BACK people!! I know you are as excited as I am. Sometimes I think my favorite episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette is the first one when all the  people are trying to be memorable when they get out of the limo. This season had a girl doing flips, one in a wedding dress, and one trying to channel Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh dear.

What I'm cooking:

I have a few events this weekend that I'm in charge of dessert for and they all need to be kid-friendly, so I'm thinking either cookies or bars. Since cookies are still a food trigger for Ben (one of the ways children show grief/deal with trauma is food obsession and while Ben no longer cries because he can't eat all of the groceries going into the cart, cookies are still problematic) so I'm thinking bar desserts. I've had my eye on a Gooey Butter cake (Annie's Eats, and Smitten Kitchen each have a recipe that looks AMAZING) but since I've never tried it I may fall back on my standby brownie recipe. Whatever I make will be on the blog next week, promise!

What I'm loving around the web this week: 

The Kitchn names their Hot Ingredient for 2013!

Moving article about one mother's struggle with Post Adoption Depression-which is not talked about enough in adoption circles and elsewhere.

I think I might need this...I have a birthday coming up honey!

You had me at "curry", Tracy. This is going on our menu next week for sure.

Ain't No Mom Jeans posted 7 Style Resolutions for Moms this week, but I think these could translate to anyone. I really need to work on #3. Like for real.

I need.to.eat.these. If I can just get the hubby to try something that has both squash and kale in my year would be made.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! I'm looking forward to a drive to civilization (AKA the town with Starbucks in it) and fun evenings with friends. What are you cooking or reading this weekend?
xoxo Moira

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