December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here's a glimpse at what I'm loving this week! You can always find more on my Pinterest page too. Follow me here!

What I'm reading:
Jane Austen Made Me Do It- A collection of short stories inspired by Jane Austen including some of my favorite authors (Lauren Willig, Stephanie Barron and Carrie Bebris to name just a few). Some stories use Jane's characters, some are about Jane herself, and some are modern stories that touch on the effects the books have on people's lives. Some stories are more appealing than others, but there have been some excellent ones so far and I still have about half the book to go!

What I'm listening to:

Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. This is mostly an album of Christmas songs, but it includes what is one of my favorite songs - "Song for a Winter's Night". I love the imagery it evokes-looking out the window of a cozy cottage into the snow, thinking of your loved ones. I have spent far too many holidays without my husband for this not to get me every time.

What I'm baking: 
I'm going to try to make a Yule Log cake for Christmas dinner. I've wanted to make one of these for years...but I have a backup dessert to make just in case its a disaster. I'll be using Nigella's recipe. If all goes well, I'll put it up on the blog soon!

What I bookmarked this week: 

How adorable are these sweatshirt dresses? Think it's too late to ask Santa for one?

Mocha Hot Cocoa? Yes Please! Perfect for driving around with the kids to look at Christmas lights.

We're also going to try to make Gingerbread houses with the boys this weekend. Ben might be a little young for it, so I want one that is easy and yummy to eat as we go along. This fits the bill perfectly!

Have a great weekend!!

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