December 29, 2012

Favorites...a little late

I've been planning on doing these posts on Fridays but I'm a little late this week! Given the holiday week, I'm sure you'll forgive me!

What I'm Reading: 

The Brandons by Angela Thirkell
One of Angela Thirkell's "Barchester" novels, this is a story of the Brandon family and the entanglements they get into in the local village. Widow Lavinia Brandon has the habit of inspiring admiration wherever she goes, and the story revolves around several of her friends finding their match under her watchful eye. This is one of those gentle novels set between the wars in the English countryside where not much happens, but you know will have a happy ending. Reading is an escape to a different world for me, and I am finding as I get older that I really prefer to have that happy ending. There is so much sadness in the news and elsewhere these days that I want my escapes to be pleasant ones.

What I'm watching: 

This week I'm playing catch up with our DVR. I've got half a season of Bones, a whole bunch of The Graham Norton Show, and a more Housewives than I can count  to catch up on.

Things I've been loving around the web this week: 

Step by Step instructions for making macarons by Annie...I miss being able to run to Bouchon Bakery in Yountville to pick up a few of these after a day in Napa. Annie takes their technique and makes it approachable.

Pioneer Woman and OMSH put together a list of free Christmas activities for kids. Since my two little hoodlums are out of school for another whole week I've been saving everything I can find to keep them occupied. Especially since we have snow on the ground and can't do a whole lot outside!

I'm on the search for the perfect black motorcycle style boots. I'm obsessed with the MIA Buckaroo from last season, but they didn't make them this year and eBay is not turning up many right now. Anyone have a pair they love?

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